Terms and Conditions - Silversands Hotel

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

All accommodation is offered subject to availability at time of receipt of deposit, and at the advertised tariff rate. Meal times are pre-arranged and no allowance can be made for meals not taken.
Rooms must be vacated by 10.00 a.m. on day of departure.
The proprietors cannot accept responsibility for loss of guests’ property unless handed in for safe custody. Accounts must be paid before departure and cheques will only be accepted if prior arrangements have been made with the proprietor to allow for Bank clearance.
In the event of any cancellation or curtailment should the accommodation not be relet the person whose signature appears on the Booking Form or who made the booking online through the Silversands Hotel website will be liable to pay for the total cost as per the reservation, less an allowance of food and service. Deposits are not refundable but will be deductible from any claim for compensation arising out of any cancellation or curtailment of the contract.

The proprietors reserve the right to amend, curtail or terminate any contract should the conduct of any person who is part to that contract cause any detriment to the well being or comfort of other guests. Any damage caused during the stay at the Hotel by the person who has signed this form or by anyone else who is a guest in the same party, will be charged for the replacement value plus reasonable costs.

Any accidents or sickness at the Hotel must be reported in the accident book before departure.
Any legal action taken against the Silversands Hotel regardless of outcome will result in the Silversands Hotel refusing any further bookings from the person taking legal action.
The Silversands Hotel cannot take animals due to a staff member with asthma who's manageable disability will become chronic if animals enter the building.
Blind people can stay at the Silversands Hotel, but if they have a guide dog it will need to stay in an outside kennel and overnight kennelled locally, costs will be paid for by the Hotel A staff member will be on hand to guide the blind person around the main Hotel building at all times, this should not impact on the equality & enjoyment of the blind person.
People with mobility scooters and electric wheel chairs will need to use a push wheelchair inside the Hotel. This will be supplied by the Hotel and assistance will be given by the Hotel staff if required.

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