Terms and Conditions - JAMB Travel

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

Booking Conditions
The following conditions apply to all holidays, short breaks and day trips offered by J&MB TRAVEL. The conditions apply to all passengers regardless of age or ability

(1) BOOKING: A booking is not confirmed until J&MB TRAVEL receives a completed booking form accompanied by a payment for each client named on that form. All correspondence relating to the booking will be sent to the person who signed the form and whose signature is acceptance of the booking conditions for all clients named. J&MB TRAVEL reserves the right to refuse a booking.
(2) PAYMENT: A deposit of £ 20 per person plus the insurance premium is required before a booking is accepted. The balance of the cost of the holiday is due 1 calendar month before departure.
(3) ALTERATION (By The Client) Any alteration to the original booking must be notified to J&MB TRAVEL by the person who signed the original booking form. Charges do not apply to the first alteration, however additional charges will be charged at £ 15.00 each.
(4) ALTERATION (By J&MB TRAVEL) J&MB TRAVEL reserves the right to make reasonable changes to an itinerary or use hotels other than those stated should circumstances warrant it.
(5) CANCELLATION (By The Client) Cancellations must be notified in writing by the person signing the original booking form. The cancellation date will be the date that this is received by J&MB TRAVEL. Cancellation charges will apply in accordance with the following scale, calculated as the number of days before departure

Cancellation Date Cancellation Charge
(as % of total holiday cost)
28 days or more Deposit only
27 -14 days 50 %
13 - 7 days 80 %
6 days to Day of Departure 100 %

(6) CANCELLATION (By J&MB TRAVEL) J&MB TRAVEL reserves the right to cancel a holiday due to insufficient demand. Notification will be sent to the person signing the booking form at least 2 weeks before departure.
(7) INSURANCE Travel insurance is advisable. Due to a change in legislation, from Jan 09, we can no longer advise, assist or sell travel insurance to our clients. However we can RECOMMEND a policy but clients must take responsibility for arranging and paying for their own insurance.
(8) PRICE INCREASE All prices quoted are inclusive of any Government tax that applies at the time of printing the brochure/leaflet. Any changes to Government tax may lead to an increase in the holiday cost. Notification will be sent to the person signing the booking form. No changes will apply to departure within 30 days of a change.
(9) ADDITIONAL COSTS: Admission charges to attractions/events are NOT included unless specifically mentioned in the itinerary.
(10) COMPLAINTS: Clients will be notified before departure of the procedure to follow regarding a complaint. J&MB TRAVEL and hoteliers will not accept any complaints regarding a holiday unless they are given the opportunity to solve the problem at the time of the holiday.
(11) RESPONSIBILITY J&MB TRAVEL is responsible for all legal requirements regarding the operation of coaches. However, we will not be liable for inconvenience caused by delays as a result of mechanical failure, road works, adverse weather or other unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to use coaches other than those advertised should circumstances warrant it.
(12) SPECIAL REQUESTS If you have a requirement that needs special attention eg special diet, we will pass on to hotels all details given to us at the time of booking. We do not guarantee that requests for sea views, low floor rooms etc will be honoured by the hotel.
(13) SINGLE ROOMS: Where a supplement is charged for a single room, this in no way implies that the room allocated will be a double/twin room.
(14) OTHERCONDITIONS Whilst travelling on the coach you may not a) smoke b) bring any pets
c) play audio equipment without personal headphones d) consume ice cream or greasy foods e) consume alcoholic drinks
(15) LUGGAGE ALLOWENCE From 1 Jan 09 we have introduced a limit of 12Kg (26lbs) per suitcase and
1 suitcase per person on all holidays. Overnight suitcases (where applicable) are additional & limited to 5Kg (11lbs)

In accordance with the EC Directive on Package Travel, all monies paid for holidays / short breaks of 24 hours or more are held in a trust account until after the return date of the holiday.

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